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TEC – Profits through Sales Distribution Design – Jim Bleech

The “E” Predicament: Profits through Sales Distribution Design   THREE-LEVEL COMMODITIZATION Most product and services start out as a solution, but over time they all move to a commodity. Personal computers are a perfect example. In the early ‘90s, they cost several thousand dollars. Now, some companies are...

TEC – Overcoming Resistance to Change – Jerald M. Jellison

Overcoming Resistance to Change Jerald M. Jellison, PH.D.   INTRODUCTION   When you have politely asked someone to do something for you more than once but you don’t get the behavior you want, you have encountered resistance to change. In each case you give the person reasons and explain why...

TEC – Managing For Results – John McNeil

Managing For Results John McNeil   INTRODUCTION   The single, most effective motivator of individuals in organizations is clear objectives. This fact has been known since Roman times, but it continues to be overlooked throughout the history of man. If people know what is expected of them, they will attempt...

TEC – Managing Change Part 1 – Peter Schutz

Managing Change Part 1: The Porsche Story Getting Things Done! Peter Schutz   INTRODUCTION   Management has three major components: people, process, and structure. Success does not consist of finding and hiring a group of superstars and turning them loose. Rather, success depends on getting extraordinary results from ordinary people...

TEC – Let’s Get Results, Not Excuses – Jim Bleech

Let’s Get Results, Not Excuses Jim Bleech   TIME-EFFICIENT ECONOMIES   A product life cycle has four stages: Duplication: You are the only one with the product. The big challenge is to meet demands and get your product out the door as fast as you can. Differentiation: Competition moves into...

Buyers fight you on price, try these 7 techniques

VALUE ADDED SELLING 21 Business 2 Publishing Business intelligence for 21st-century sales professionals. by Roy Alexander and Charles Roth Most people agree the best way to avoid being beaten down on price is to keep your customer's eyes fixed on the superior value you offer. But sometimes, faced with dogged...

High Performance Organizations by Lee Thayer

High Performance Organizations Lee Thayer, PH.D.   THE PROBLEM   There has been a lot of talk in recent years about “excellence,” “quality,” “empowerment,” and “reengineering.” Unfortunately, that’s all most of it has been -- talk. The fact is, 70% of all U.S. companies have tried some sort of quality...